27 February, 2020

A new start. I have had my photography as a legal business since last year, but because of homeschooling and owning a brick and mortar unrelated business, I just didn’t have the time to pour into my photography. But, I have recently closed my other business, and find my mind clearer, my mental health improving, and I have more time on my hands for the things that make me happy. I am always educating myself, practicing, and finding ways to make my photography and editing better, so I can better serve my clients. I’m excited for what this next year will bring!

12 October, 2020

Well, what a year this has been! I meant to blog quite frequently, but after I wasn’t allowed to photograph you for so long, my webpage sort of fell by the wayside. It should not have. I should have been using this time to revamp and make it better. But, the world turned upside down and it just didn’t seem important. Do you know what was important? Having a completely empty calendar. Playing board games with my kids. Making up crafts with supplies we already had in the house. No where to be, no where to go. We just had time to be together. And that’s the best thing in the world.

29 October, 2020

One of the advantages of being a photographer is the ability to photograph your children anytime you want. I was bored and the sunsets were making me itchy to capture them, so I dressed the kiddos up and hiked it over to one of my favorite spots for some fall portraits. They all looked so beautiful and handsome and grown, it just makes me more aware of how time is going so fast. While family portraits are an investment, they are a wonderful way to capture the essence of your family as it grows and changes. These are pictures that will be treasured, displayed, and passed on. Don’t put it off. They will be grown all too soon.